This page lists Object Icon's builtin keywords.


&ascii : c

The cset of ascii characters.



Causes a break event to be sent to the program monitor. In the monitored program, &break fails.


&clock : s

The current time of day, for example "15:38:27".


&cset : c

The cset of all 8-bit characters.


&current : C

The current co-expression


&date : s

The current date in the formay "yyyy/mm/dd"; for example "2009/11/06".


&dateline : s

The current date and time, for example "Friday, November 6, 2009 3:38 pm".


&digits : c

The cset of digits 0-9


&dump : i

If non-zero, causes dump on termination


&errorcoexpr : C

The co-expression which caused the run-time error.


&errornumber : i

Run-time error number


&errortext : s

Run-time error message text


&errorvalue : x

Run-time error offending value



Simply fails.


&features : s1,s2,...,sn

Generate a sequence of strings describing implementation features


&file : s

The current source code file name


&error : C

If non-null, non-fatal run-time errors are handled by invoking this co-expression, whilst setting, setting &errorcoexpr, &errornumber, &errortext and &errorvalue.


&host : s

A string identifying the host computer


&lcase : c

The cset of lower case letters a-z


&letters : c

The cset of all letters A-Za-z


&level : i

The level of current procedure call


&line : i

The current source code line number


&main : C

The main co-expression


&maxlevel : i

The maximum allowed procedure call depth, ie the maximum allowed value of &level.


&no : n

A constant for representing "false", "off" etc. It has the null value


&null : n

The null value


&pos : i

String scanning position


&progname : s

The file name of the executing program


&random : i

Random number seed


&source : C

The activator of current co-expression


&subject : s

String scanning subject


&time : i

Current run time in milliseconds


&trace : i

If non-zero, trace procedure calls


&ucase : c

The cset of upper case letters A-Z


&uset : c

The cset of all unicode codepoints


&version : s

String describing the version of Object Icon


&why : s

Reason for failure



A constant for representing "true", "on" etc. It is the only value of a builtin type.