Object Icon is an object-oriented programming language, based on the classic Icon programming language. As its name implies, it adds object-oriented features, which are intended to make it much easier to write large programs and libraries.

Some of the other significant features are :-

Sourceforge project page

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This page contains a .tar.gz file containing source code for Unix-like systems (see here for compilation instructions, and a Windows “msi” installer file for 64-bit Windows systems (see here for more information).

The numbers contained in the filenames is the subversion version number.

Read-only copy of current subversion repository

Run this command :-

svn co svn:// objecticon

(The final parameter, objecticon, is the name of the directory that will be created, and can be changed if you like).

The flowterm-extras files

flowterm is a terminal emulator, and is one of the programs found in the examples directory. It requires some extra files in order to be fully functional, which can be downloaded here.

flowterm-extras.tar.gz (29.5MB)

More info about flowterm can be found on this page.


I would always be happy to hear comments, suggestions and thoughts about Icon-related things. My email is r dot parlett at

If you don't mind some dust and cobwebs, there is a google group.

Online API documentation

The following documentation corresponds to the latest stable version.

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